The Game

Hello friends,

We have the pleasure to introduce you the entertaining story of piggy Gruh, his pranks and obstacles. We made a fun game that we hope to give you pleasant and fascinating moments. The Porkabilly game is a classic 3D platformer, requiring fast, logical thinking and strategy. The transition to each level is related to time, so the task of each player becomes even more difficult. Playing Porkabilly you will have to deal with different traps, to run and climb stairs, sometimes you will fall, but you will eventually have fun and laugh.

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We, the creators of Porkabilly, have grown up with the old arcade platformers and have tried to make try our childhood dream, namely to make a cheerful game with which to delight and enjoy the moments of you, our players.

The game is designed for both – “young” and “grown” children. Whether for a break after a busy day or just for fun, the time spent with Porkabilly and the piggy Gruh will be joyful and full of logical adventures.

Zone 1 Gameplay
Zone 2 Gameplay
Zone 3 Gameplay

Everything is happening at Uncle Tom’s farm on a wonderful summer day. The game have 3 zones with 20 random levels, each with a duration of 2 minutes or more (if you do not want to be a hero with 3 gold stars). The main character is the pig Gruh, the purpose of which is to find the pumpkin stolen by small, bad and hungry mices. In order to get to the pumpkin, the pig will have to overcome different traps that he will have to unlock, but for that, Gruh needs to find the hidden keys. They are in small wooden boxes. In order to make Gruh’s adventure even more fun and exciting, he must beware of the small, bad mices.