Piglet Gruh, a little sweet fat piggy, who runs back-forward, climbs stairs and enjoys every found pumpkin, like a real little pig.


The bad Mices – well, they are not that bad, even they are not bad at all, but they like to make a trick’s on Gruh.

Old Hammer

Uncle Tom’s Old Hammer – the mices have found a way to move it, but Gruh will deal with it if he just tightens a few parts.

The Circular saw for cutting oak firewood. Gruh helps Uncle Tom very often, and he knows that this machine is not a joke, but he will fix it and everything will be fine.

The Circular saw
Bear traps

Bear traps, Uncle Tom goes with them to hunt bears, or rather uses them to fight poachers, but that’s another topic. Gruh knows how to keep away from them, he is smart – be like him.

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